Adventures in Girl Scouting

You know you’re a Girl Scout leader when…

  1. There is a mysterious bag full of random recyclables, lids, and plastic straws, hidden somewhere in your kitchen.
  2. You have stashes of to-be-reused plastic zip bags on your desk.  Next to your purse, and also in your Girl Scout bin.
  3. If you had a penny for each time a parent told you they were “too busy” to do a thing (ANYthing… including respond with a YES or NO to a text), you’d be rich.  Not like, Donald Trump rich.  Really rich, like Bill Gates rich!
  4. You’ve become adept at starting a campfire while handling girl conflicts and answering endless questions.
  5. You buy a giant milk carton jug looking thing of goldfish to share with your Girl Scout campers and when it is empty, find yourself staring longingly at the container wondering what on earth you can make out of it.
  6. Your craft room rivals the local Michaels.
  7. Your craft room has thrown up and filled every room of your house with craft supplies.
  8. You can sing the “Moose with Juice” song in your sleep.
  9. You know why we stand on our heads on October 31st every year.
  10. The number of minutes spent carefully composing clear, concise emails with all the information that parents need is directly opposite the amount of time said parents spend reading those emails.
  11. You find yourself thinking of your troop/campers at random times of day, and you miss them;  even the ones who drive you crazy!
  12. In spite of all the stress and lack of “thank you’s”, you still love leading your girls;  the magic that happens when they are together is worth all of it!
  13. Finally… if you were interrupted in reading (or, for me, writing) this post six times because parents swear they didn’t get that mail, or email, or text… You are definitely a Girl Scout leader!

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