Adventures in Girl Scouting

Using resources wisely

I’m always a little dismayed when I show up to a big Girl Scout event put on by a service unit, association, or council, and there are stacks and stacks of disposable everything. Tiny water bottles, zip lock bags, disposable silverware, juice boxes with tiny straws and wrappers, and more. Shouldn’t we as Girl Scouts be leading the way for using resources wisely, instead of using every possible bit of disposable plastic available? Before you

Bribery and Troop Management

Wow that title sounds boring. But really, bribery; what parent or teacher has not used bribery to motivate their kids? I know substitute teachers who show up in a new classroom with bags of candy to bribe the kids into decent behavior with, and I’m not even mad about it. Generally I’m not a briber of my girls; I want the troop to be fun enough that the girls are motivated to be there and

Cookie Madness!

Welcome to the madness that is Girl Scout Cookie Season! It may be your first;  it may be your 40th.  It may just feel like it’s your 400th. Either way, Girl Scout Cookie Season is here.  Let’s do this! I try to take a relatively relaxed approach to cookies, and even I get burned out by the end of the season.  I do feel like my council’s cookie season goes on an awfully long time; 

You know you’re a Girl Scout Leader when…

Your house looks like a Michael’s Craft Store threw up all over it. You have a Girl Scout room. And a Girl Scout closet. Possibly also supplies in the garage. Your “camping” supplies are actually Girl Scout supplies. It’s no longer “trash” or “recycling,” it’s supplies for a future craft project. You knew the words to “Baby Shark,” LONG before it became a YouTube sensation! Your friends say they went to a museum, and you