Adventures in Girl Scouting

Cookie Madness!

Welcome to the madness that is Girl Scout Cookie Season! It may be your first;  it may be your 40th.  It may just feel like it’s your 400th. Either way, Girl Scout Cookie Season is here.  Let’s do this! I try to take a relatively relaxed approach to cookies, and even I get burned out by the end of the season.  I do feel like my council’s cookie season goes on an awfully long time; 

You know you’re a Girl Scout Leader when…

Your house looks like a Michael’s Craft Store threw up all over it. You have a Girl Scout room. And a Girl Scout closet. Possibly also supplies in the garage. Your “camping” supplies are actually Girl Scout supplies. It’s no longer “trash” or “recycling,” it’s supplies for a future craft project. You knew the words to “Baby Shark,” LONG before it became a YouTube sensation! Your friends say they went to a museum, and you