Adventures in Girl Scouting

You know you’re a Girl Scout Leader when…

Your house looks like a Michael’s Craft Store threw up all over it.

You have a Girl Scout room.

And a Girl Scout closet.

Possibly also supplies in the garage.

Your “camping” supplies are actually Girl Scout supplies.

It’s no longer “trash” or “recycling,” it’s supplies for a future craft project.

You knew the words to “Baby Shark,” LONG before it became a YouTube sensation!

Your friends say they went to a museum, and you wonder if they got a patch for that.

You plan your family holidays over what patches they can earn while on the trip!

You choose a car based on how many girls/gear can fit in it.

Your list to Santa ? included camp gear that you want for “family” camping knowing your girls need it on the next campout!

When your husband asks “is it ok to throw this away?” because you have yelled one too many times about “stop throwing away the toilet paper rolls!”

When someone says they miss Girl Scout cookies, and you answer “Which one?  I have some!”

You still have glitter all over your kitchen from a Girl Scout craft your troop made…8 MONTHS AGO!

If you buy lederhosen at a yard sale and think ..this will be GREAT for World Thinking Day!! IF the girls happen to vote for Germany!!

If after every holiday you hit up craft stores for cheap, on sale stuff to use next year. Then sometimes forget that stuff til too late. But then you find it and say, that’s ok. We’ll use it next year.

You get frustrated on your child’s field trip because they don’t use the buddy system and kids are everywhere.

Your closet is so full of Girl Scout totes and boxes that you can’t hide the Christmas presents in there this year…

When you have pride in your heart when you watch your Daisies participate in events and then grow up into a teen troop and organize and run events.

You can MacGuyver just about anything with a toilet paper tube.

Leave me a comment and let me know your “You know you’re a Girl Scout leader when,” moments…

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