Adventures in Girl Scouting

Cookie Madness!

Welcome to the madness that is Girl Scout Cookie Season! It may be your first;  it may be your 40th.  It may just feel like it’s your 400th. Either way, Girl Scout Cookie Season is here.  Let’s do this! I try to take a relatively relaxed approach to cookies, and even I get burned out by the end of the season.  I do feel like my council’s cookie season goes on an awfully long time; 

The Slime Report

This year one of my goals is to boost our money earning events.  I have a lot of girls whose families are unable to contribute financially to fund our more expensive adventures.  And there are *so many* adventures I want to take my girls on!  When you consider that there are amazing world centers in so many countries that Girl Scouts can stay at, plus the very cool Girl Scout destinations program… the opportunities are